Make A simple Program

Name = input(“enter your name:” )
Pizza = input(“Enter your pizza Size: Small or Large”)
Topping = input(“Do you want toppings? Yes or No”)
deliverly = input(“Delivery or Pickup?”)

print(Pizza + ” pizza for ” + Name + ” with ” + Topping + ” toppings “
+ ” for ” + deliverly)

This is a very simple python code, but it could be useful for a pizza delivery service. It asks the user for various inputs that would help guide a pizza maker in learning a brief outline of what they will be making, and how they should end up delivering it.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane

As I walked into my house, I noticed something different. Something didn’t feel right. I took out my phone, ready to call someone. I walked over to the light and turned it on. Right there in front of me was a random person sitting on my couch! I was already on my phone, so I flipped it to camera and was able to snap this photo before the person ran away. Or is it a person?

My Favorite Photo

It was quite hard to pick my favorite photo because there are so many that mean so much to me, but I finally decided on this one. This picture was taken last spring after my Track team won the conference championship. After having practice at least once a day for the entire school year, and sacrificing most of my weekends to train, It felt so good to finally get the result that I wanted. It was amazing to see how excited and happy my teammates were as well. I feel like this picture captures the happy place after a long road of struggle.

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The 80’s

When I thought about the 80’s I remember reading about the Challenger Disaster. The Challenger Disaster was a failed attempt to reach space that resulted in the space shuttle blowing up in front of the public’s eyes. Happening in 1986, it was in the middle of the decade and was in the forefront of people’s minds. The Challenger Mission was the space programme’s 10th mission. it ended when just 73 seconds after takeoff, killing all seven astronauts on board. It was especially awful because millions of school children watching live across the nation.

The launch failed because there was an external fuel tank explosion. gasses and fules mixed and caused a big exlosion.

This event was often discussed as one of most media covered events of the century.