Weekly summary

This week brought forth a lot of new challenges. The most obvious one was getting together with my group and figuring out what we were going to do for our radio show. Meeting up with Everyone was very exciting because they all had some really good ideas on what we should do and how to incorporate it all together. The audio assignments themselves for the weekly assignments were a little difficult at first because it was hard to figure out how I could incorporate my part of the project into the audio assignments, it was like it added another level to the assignment. I’m feeling really good about the upcoming project. It should be really cool because in our meeting people had some really good ideas.

Radio show progress

This week my group and I met up and talked about what we will be doing for our project. I decided to revolve my part of the project around the movie super 8. This movie is set in the early 80s. The audio assignments I did this week will be incorporated into the show. I’m pretty excited about the end result of our radio show because it seemed like everybody brought a lot of great ideas to the table.

Fictional Radio Ad

The movie Super 8 Revolves around a group of kids making a movie with the intent of submitting it into a film festival. The movie is supposed to be an action packed zombie movie. I decided to make an ad that the kids would have made. I decided to make it sound like a low quality ad, where the kids didn’t really know what to say going into, because that is kind of how they act in the movie.

Weekly summary

This week let me tap into some of my design skills. I really enjoyed the weekly creates this week. It was fun creating hypothetical posters for different events. I felt like my potter for the Mary wash hospital toy drive would be a poster that I would actually see around. The poster that I made for the car show hosted by the umw car club was also the type of poster that I feel like would be seen around campus. I liked creating the movie in 4 icons. I made me really have to think about what parts of the movie to include as based on importance to the movie and relevance to the plot. The hardest part in my opinion about this week was trying to incorporate the 80s into what I was creating. I created diverse problems that I had to overcome. So far I think that the this design focused week has been my favorite week of them all.

I really like the WordPress app and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of using an app and is without their computer

Design Bliz

Well, I’m trying to do all this on my phone due to some technical difficulties but I can say that the WordPress app is really good.

I decided to orient my design blitz around posters and signs on campus. I felt like this would be a good way standardize all the pictures that I took.

Here were the pictures!







I liked how this assignment made me think about signs and posters differently. It was fun walking around and taking pictures of the signs. My favorite technique that was used was repetition. I like how when repetition is used you can convey a lot of information in similar forms!

One Story / Four Icons

This was my favorite assignment this week. It really made me have to think. The move that these Icons represent is the 80’s hit movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I felt like this assignment was having me find the 4 most essential elements to the movie. There were things in the move that I felt were more important than the things I included, but they weren’t as broad as I needed. One part of the movie that I would have liked to included was Indiana Jones’ dad, but I feel like just an icon of a dad would not help anyone understand the movie at all, even though it is such a crucial part of the movie. All in all this assignment made me think about the movie in a different way than I had thought about it before. I think it would be cool to try to do an assignment like this with lots of other movies.

Minimalist TV/Movie Poster – Braveheart

One of my favorite movies is Braveheart, so I wanted to make my minimalist poster of it. A main symbol in the movie is a sword, it is the tool that is used to fight, but in the movie it also represents a tool to gain freedom. I was planning on adding more than just one sword, But when I found this minimalist picture of a sword, I knew that this is what I was going to have to use. Finding the correct font for the title and the director/main actor was tricky, but once I found it I felt like I had the best possible minimalist movie poster for one of my favorite movies.