Week 14 summary

What a semester it has been and class it has been. I have learned so much in this class. I have always thought of video editing and audio editing as very daunting but after this class I feel like I have the skills to sufficiently do those things. This week I just worked on my final project and I was very happy with how it turned out.

Final Project

Thank you for a great semester

Final project summary

I had a lot of fun with the final project. at first I had trouble figuring out what I was going to do because the idea that I had in the idea that I had proposed wasn’t working out. At first I was going to do a Vlog every day for two weeks of Quarantine. After about four or five days of it I realized that it was going to be hard to incorporate in 80s theme into it. I decided that I needed to revamp my project and pick something else to do.

A lot of what I have been doing in my blogs was cooking so I thought that I could do a cooking oriented final project involving 80s cuisine and food culture. This worked a lot better and I really enjoyed doing the project

Final Project

In my project, I wanted to show the different types of meals people could make while they were social distancing. I put a “On the budget” flair on it becasue a lot of people are out of work and trying to save money right now.

I also did some research on cuisine from the 80’s and what was popular and how things have changed since then. That part was included in my short audio analysis.

Final Project Outline (and weekly summary)

I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what I wanted to do for a project until I was milling through youtube the other day. I ran into a scene from the movie 127 hours. The premise of the movie is the story of a climber how got his arm logged between two rocks, and he has to cut it off. I do not plan on taking my videos to that extreme, but I want to do something of that nature. I want to create videos of my daily activities during this social distancing time. I plan on combining these videos with a map of the places I go, vs the places I would usually go. I will also be live tweeting during the whole thing. I will also be comparing what I am doing to what people would be doing in the 80’s. I have started filming the first few videos and I will keep filming.

This week was good because I got to brainstorm and relax. I liked the daily creates this week and I was able to get on track for my other classes. I can wait until I start working on the project big time.

Weekly Summary

Wow, what a week. I really liked the mashup assignments that were assigned this week. I liked how creative I was able to get while making them. The first one I did was a post where I mashed two iconic scenes

This assignment was fun and I enjoyed doing it. The next assignment I did was karaoke using iPhones animoji feature.

This one was fun was able to be silly! until next week!

This doesn’t belong her

I really liked this assignment. I got to take two of my favorite movies and combine them together. It was fun to try to make it as seamless as possible

I decided to combine ET and and Titanic. Two movies that I watched when I was little. I felt like this was the most iconic scene from ET. It is even on the cover of the movie. In Titanic the most iconic scene is probably the scene where Reyes is on the door while Jack dies in the water but I could not think of a way to integrate that into the ET scene. I picked the second seen that came to mind from titanic which was when they are riding on the front of the boat. I Photoshopped them together.

Animoji Karaoke

I liked this assignment a lot because I had never thought about using Animoji’s in this particular way. I picked the alien because it is my favorite Animoji. While all the other in emoji’s are real animals or robots or something, The alien is the only one that is more of a belief than a concrete thing. I chose the song wagon wheel because every time I go to a karaoke night at a bar that is the song I sing because I know every word.

Weekly Summary

This week went a lot better than last week. I’ve gotten the a lot better at managing my time without being at school. I had a lot of fun again doing the video assignments. They take a lot of time but they’re fun so it makes it feel worth it to spend all the time editing and creating the videos.

My favorite thing I did this week was make a video documentary about a football recruit. I live in a house with a few of my friends and and we had all been stuck inside for awhile. I had been brainstorming ideas for a documentary all day, and when I finally figured out what I wanted to do, I gathered my roomates together and I explained the premise and what I wanted each of them to do. I felt like a director in a way. Splicing all the clips together and adding effects had gotten easy by the time I got around to it.

The daily creates this time were more of a breeze than usual. I created a reminder on my phone to tell me to check the twitter account to see if it was something that I felt like I wanted to do.

All in all this was one of my favorite weeks. I hope I can carry the momentum I had this week over into next week!


Reading Professor Bond’s ideas on our projects really helped me shape what I was thinking about more. At first, I was dead set on doing the project by myself, but after reading some of the other students ideas, and reading what Professor Bond said about physical distancing but still being socially connected, I am having second thoughts. I think that it might be kind of nice to connect with some people online, as I have been in the same house with the same people for 3 weeks.

I saw an idea about creating a board game, and that really got me thinking. I don’t think that I would create a board game, but some type of game would be fun to make.

Mini Documentary

This was by far my favorite assignment that i’ve ever done. It was fun to get outside and get other people involved in an assignment. It took a little bit to get ahold of the video editing software, but once I got the hang of it, it was game over! I had to be create while also using some of the filming techniques that we had read about. I kept the more negative characters on the left as much as I could