20 Minute Photo Challenge: ds106 Photoblitz

This was my list of things that I had to take pictures of. I did not expect to get so excited doing this activity but I did.

Here is my friend Ryan holding an old photo of himself! Hes changes so much
Here is a photo of a beautiful mess. Its my house and its messy, but I know its beautiful.
Here are some vertical lines. This was my favorite one just because of how creative I had to get.
Here is something that makes me feel old. it is a picture of the mary washington college rules and responsibilities!

I was only able to capture 4 images but this was one of my favorite activities to date!


This photo includes a lot of the elements that were described in “Becoming Better Photographers” I really like the lighting in this photo/ The dim light of the hallway and the lit inside of stores creates a cool look for the viewer. I also like what the moment captures. Just everyday people at an everyday mall, but in the 80’s. The picture has lots of depth, with the people in the front and the stores in the back.
Madonna Polaroid 4
This polaroid of madonna is a very grunge 80’s picture. the lighting in this picture is very cool. the dark background evokes a feeling of mystery inside the viewer. I like the perspective to, it’s not a straight on picture.

My photography experience

I have an interesting experience with photography. When I was younger I would always go into my backyard and take photos of the trees and my dogs. as I got older I stopped taking pictures. Recently though, I have gotten a lot more into photography. I like taking pictures of when I travel and showing them to my friends and family. My approach to pictures is a very candid approach. I don’t like when photos are set up, or look to staged. I like capturing the event raw. I like how a photo can evoke a certain feeling in someone. I feel like I do a good job at that too, based on the fact that I have a VSCO post with around 17 reposts. I like editing photos in different ways, to see how I can make the viewer feel different. Images tell a story, a lot of which is up to imagination.

Weekly Summary

Wow I had a lot more fun than I expected doing the assignments this week. My first assignment, I wrote about a picture from the 80’s and wrote as if it was a first person account of what was happening

In this one, I wrote the terms and conditions of an apocalypse, with an 80’s twist.

Another day was my favorite. It made me get outside and see things that I wouldn’t have normally seen.

Postcards from the Past…

You and your friends are really excited to see Eddie Murphy’s newest movie, Beverly Hills Cop. While walking toward the movie theatre, you decide to snap this photo.  On your way there you noticed a paper that was headlined Mikhail Gorbachev: new ruler of the Soviet Union. You don’t know a lot about politics, but you know that this is important. Your friend just asked you if you think that Michael Jordan is going to win rookie of the year. You say, “No doubt”.

An 80’s Themed Apocalypse


Section I:

  1. You will probably die
  2. The Apocalypse is not responsible for any injuries or deaths
  3. You have no control over anything

Section II:

  1. During the Apocalypse, you may do anything to protect yourself
  2. You may put others at risk to save yourself
  3. You must Michael Jackson Moonwalk away from dangerous events

Section III:

  1. If you do survive (you won’t), you must restart civilization
  2. When telling stories, you must give the reader options to use “Hyperlinks”. With a panel of people telling the story, all with different expertise in different areas.
  3. Civilization will be based off the High school from the breakfast club.
  4. You must make everyone dress in 80’s clothes
  5. You must find other survivors and talk about your favorite digital story telling techniques.

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