Weekly Summary

Crazy week that it has been. I decided to take the second option for the weekly assignments. I felt like with everyone not being on campus, it would be too hard to coordinate everything via texts and canvas messages. The two 5 star assignments that I did were a lot of fun. The first one I did, which was me talking to myself, was pretty hard to figure out. I liked the assignment but it was very tricky figuring out how to make the actual video. In the end I was able to figure it out and I was able to create a pretty cool video. The next assignment I did was to make an advertisement. I made an advertisement for JIF peanut butter. I based the advertisement off of the old chef boyardee advertisement where the can follows the kid out of the supermarket.

The Video Essay was awesome. Reading the articles and watching the videos in preparation taught me so much about how movies are made and the thought that goes into them. The clip I found at first was the perfect clip to use because it followed a lot of the rules that were listed in the article we read.

As always the daily creates just keep coming. All in all this was a great week. I finally got adjusted to the new schedule and the new workspaces I have. I hope next week brings the same!


For my second weekly video assignment, I decided to make a commercial. I love JIF peanut butter so I thought I should make it on JIF! I tried to squeeze the video into a 15 second window because I feel like that is a pretty standard window for an ad. This assignment was more fun than the other one and If I had more resources I feel like I could have made this ad a lot better!

Video Essay

For my video essay I decided to analyze a scene from the Wolf of Wall Street.

This scene actually goes 4 minutes longer, but the rest of it is just them talking how they are for the last 30 seconds of this clip.

One of the first things I noticed about his scene was the composition of the scene. In the article “How to read a movie”, the rule of thirds is discussed. This scene shows a perfect example of that. In the main shot in the beginning when Belfort is greeting the two FBI agents. from the article, “A person to the right of that position will seem more positive; to the left, more negative” Belfort and his girls are on the right side of the screen, and the FBI agents on the left are seen as more negative. Belfort is also in much brighter clothes, with lighter hair, and is usually shown with the sun shining on him. According to the article, lighter colors are usually seen as dominant over darker colors. The FBI agents are in black suits so it becomes very apparent that Belfort is the dominant character.

This clip from later in the scene is a great example of a tilt shot. Showing the favorable character (Belfort) from below gives the character a more godly presence than if the camera was over his eye line,

As The FBI agents are walking up, they are already scene as the bad guys and as lesser before they get a chance to talk. This is an extreme high angle shot. This makes the FBI agents seem like pons and the character at the right angle seem like he is over them.

Weekly Summary

This was such a crazy week. It was tough with school but also with adjusting to everything. Moving to learning everything through facetime has been tricky but I have been able to prevail. This week in this class was a good one. The connected daily creates added a bit more spice to it. I had to think through more on what I was doing and be thoughtful about posts. For an example, I would be about to post something but then I would realize that it did not connect to what I had previously done.

Listening to the radio stations was also really cool. I loved hearing how other groups approached the same project. Everyone was so creative it blew my mind. It was also cool that it was broadcasting like a regular radio station.

Reworking the old assignments was also so cool. It was nice looking through all my old ones and seeing how I would have approached them differently if I were to complete them now. I liked improving on things that I could have done better from the beginning. I also liked adding a current twist to the assignments I revamped.

Overall, this was a hectic week, school and no school , but it was nice having this class as something of a constant.

Daily Creates

I struggled a little bit finding ways to make my daily creates connect. I think I finly got the hang of it a little bit but im not sure if its what the assignment wanted me to do.

My first Daily create

This daily create was asking to share a picture of public art. My mom is incharge of the public art in my town so this topic hit close to home. I was able to find this picture of the new big mural in Vienna, where I live

A happy spot in my town

This daily create was about happiness. This is a place in vienna that makes me happy and has a lot of public art.

I based these daily crates around where i’m from, Vienna. I don’t know if that’s what the goal of this was but I think that this worked out pretty well.

Radio Show Reflection

I thought it was so cool being listening to all of the radio shows. My favorite part was knowing what type of work my group put into it and seeing what approaches the other groups took to do their radio show.

This reflection is on radio show is on the radio show, Social Media: An 80’s Rewrite. I really liked the intro and the structure they used. the intro lays out what the listener was going to be hearing and they used a very clever structure to incorporate all the people in their group. They were talking about what Would have happened in the 80’s if there was social media, and each group member would “call in” and give their account. I also liked how the host of the show was talking to the listener as if it was an interactive radio show.

I liked how each of the listeners would give a small recap of an event from the 80’s and also talk about a social media platform in particular. For an example, the first caller talked about the challenger disaster and talked about how if you weren’t watching it live on TV, you would have no idea what happened. He says how if it happened now, everyone would know instantly because they would find out from tweets from twitter.

Overall I really liked how this show went. It gave the listener a new perspective on how to think about historical events. I’m a big podcast listener and if someone made a podcast like this I would definitely give it a listen.

Reworked Assignments

I felt like this theme this week went along well with what’s going on in the world, we have to learn to change how we’ve done things previously. Reworking old assignment make me feel like what is going on with my life, and reworking old daily routines

The first old assignment that I decided to revamp was the map that depicted my daily routine. My routine, once action packed and busy, is now very minimal. Just myself going between home and the UC, looking for food. In red I have my new schedule and my new route. As you can see there is not much that i’m doing nowadays.

The next assignment I wanted to rework was anm assignment where I photoshopped myself hosting the American Flag at Iwo Jima. This was a cool assignment because it actually looked like I was there. I felt like I should redo that assignment and do it with a historical event that is similar to something that is going on now. The influenza of 1917, AKA the spanish flu was the last big epidemic in the United States. I decided to photoshop myself at one of the hospitals

This was a cool way to go back and look at old assignments and tweak them to what I would want them to look like now. While most of these are virus inspired, I feel like this will be a big part of when people talk about the 2020’s.

Future Project Ideas

Sittng down and thinking durning this craxy time was a peaceful treat. I was able to brainstorm a few awsome ideas of future projects that I could do that involve the 80’s. The 80’s were such a diverse and vibrant time, it is hard to focus on just one aspect.

One idea that I had involves sports. We have talked a lot about music culture, fasion culture, and movies in the 80’s, but very little on the sports that were going on in the 80’s and how impacted the culture. The 80’s were a very memorable time for sports and I feel likr they should not be overlooked when discussing the 80s.

The Dream Team

Unfortunately I was not able to inbed this article but I still wanted to provide the link because it includes some of the absolute best sporting memories from the 80’s. I have a lot of ideas with this topic that I could list and I can wait what other ideas people have as well!