Final Project

In my project, I wanted to show the different types of meals people could make while they were social distancing. I put a “On the budget” flair on it becasue a lot of people are out of work and trying to save money right now.

I also did some research on cuisine from the 80’s and what was popular and how things have changed since then. That part was included in my short audio analysis.

Final Project Outline (and weekly summary)

I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what I wanted to do for a project until I was milling through youtube the other day. I ran into a scene from the movie 127 hours. The premise of the movie is the story of a climber how got his arm logged between two rocks, and he has to cut it off. I do not plan on taking my videos to that extreme, but I want to do something of that nature. I want to create videos of my daily activities during this social distancing time. I plan on combining these videos with a map of the places I go, vs the places I would usually go. I will also be live tweeting during the whole thing. I will also be comparing what I am doing to what people would be doing in the 80’s. I have started filming the first few videos and I will keep filming.

This week was good because I got to brainstorm and relax. I liked the daily creates this week and I was able to get on track for my other classes. I can wait until I start working on the project big time.