This doesn’t belong her

I really liked this assignment. I got to take two of my favorite movies and combine them together. It was fun to try to make it as seamless as possible

I decided to combine ET and and Titanic. Two movies that I watched when I was little. I felt like this was the most iconic scene from ET. It is even on the cover of the movie. In Titanic the most iconic scene is probably the scene where Reyes is on the door while Jack dies in the water but I could not think of a way to integrate that into the ET scene. I picked the second seen that came to mind from titanic which was when they are riding on the front of the boat. I Photoshopped them together.

Animoji Karaoke

I liked this assignment a lot because I had never thought about using Animoji’s in this particular way. I picked the alien because it is my favorite Animoji. While all the other in emoji’s are real animals or robots or something, The alien is the only one that is more of a belief than a concrete thing. I chose the song wagon wheel because every time I go to a karaoke night at a bar that is the song I sing because I know every word.