Weekly Summary

Wow, what a week. I really liked the mashup assignments that were assigned this week. I liked how creative I was able to get while making them. The first one I did was a post where I mashed two iconic scenes

This assignment was fun and I enjoyed doing it. The next assignment I did was karaoke using iPhones animoji feature.

This one was fun was able to be silly! until next week!

Weekly Summary

This week went a lot better than last week. I’ve gotten the a lot better at managing my time without being at school. I had a lot of fun again doing the video assignments. They take a lot of time but they’re fun so it makes it feel worth it to spend all the time editing and creating the videos.

My favorite thing I did this week was make a video documentary about a football recruit. I live in a house with a few of my friends and and we had all been stuck inside for awhile. I had been brainstorming ideas for a documentary all day, and when I finally figured out what I wanted to do, I gathered my roomates together and I explained the premise and what I wanted each of them to do. I felt like a director in a way. Splicing all the clips together and adding effects had gotten easy by the time I got around to it.

The daily creates this time were more of a breeze than usual. I created a reminder on my phone to tell me to check the twitter account to see if it was something that I felt like I wanted to do.

All in all this was one of my favorite weeks. I hope I can carry the momentum I had this week over into next week!

Weekly Summary

Crazy week that it has been. I decided to take the second option for the weekly assignments. I felt like with everyone not being on campus, it would be too hard to coordinate everything via texts and canvas messages. The two 5 star assignments that I did were a lot of fun. The first one I did, which was me talking to myself, was pretty hard to figure out. I liked the assignment but it was very tricky figuring out how to make the actual video. In the end I was able to figure it out and I was able to create a pretty cool video. The next assignment I did was to make an advertisement. I made an advertisement for JIF peanut butter. I based the advertisement off of the old chef boyardee advertisement where the can follows the kid out of the supermarket.

The Video Essay was awesome. Reading the articles and watching the videos in preparation taught me so much about how movies are made and the thought that goes into them. The clip I found at first was the perfect clip to use because it followed a lot of the rules that were listed in the article we read.

As always the daily creates just keep coming. All in all this was a great week. I finally got adjusted to the new schedule and the new workspaces I have. I hope next week brings the same!

Weekly Summary

This was such a crazy week. It was tough with school but also with adjusting to everything. Moving to learning everything through facetime has been tricky but I have been able to prevail. This week in this class was a good one. The connected daily creates added a bit more spice to it. I had to think through more on what I was doing and be thoughtful about posts. For an example, I would be about to post something but then I would realize that it did not connect to what I had previously done.

Listening to the radio stations was also really cool. I loved hearing how other groups approached the same project. Everyone was so creative it blew my mind. It was also cool that it was broadcasting like a regular radio station.

Reworking the old assignments was also so cool. It was nice looking through all my old ones and seeing how I would have approached them differently if I were to complete them now. I liked improving on things that I could have done better from the beginning. I also liked adding a current twist to the assignments I revamped.

Overall, this was a hectic week, school and no school , but it was nice having this class as something of a constant.

Weekly Summary

Wow I had a lot more fun than I expected doing the assignments this week. My first assignment, I wrote about a picture from the 80’s and wrote as if it was a first person account of what was happening

In this one, I wrote the terms and conditions of an apocalypse, with an 80’s twist.

Another day was my favorite. It made me get outside and see things that I wouldn’t have normally seen.