Radio Show Reflection

I thought it was so cool being listening to all of the radio shows. My favorite part was knowing what type of work my group put into it and seeing what approaches the other groups took to do their radio show.

This reflection is on radio show is on the radio show, Social Media: An 80’s Rewrite. I really liked the intro and the structure they used. the intro lays out what the listener was going to be hearing and they used a very clever structure to incorporate all the people in their group. They were talking about what Would have happened in the 80’s if there was social media, and each group member would “call in” and give their account. I also liked how the host of the show was talking to the listener as if it was an interactive radio show.

I liked how each of the listeners would give a small recap of an event from the 80’s and also talk about a social media platform in particular. For an example, the first caller talked about the challenger disaster and talked about how if you weren’t watching it live on TV, you would have no idea what happened. He says how if it happened now, everyone would know instantly because they would find out from tweets from twitter.

Overall I really liked how this show went. It gave the listener a new perspective on how to think about historical events. I’m a big podcast listener and if someone made a podcast like this I would definitely give it a listen.

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