Reworked Assignments

I felt like this theme this week went along well with what’s going on in the world, we have to learn to change how we’ve done things previously. Reworking old assignment make me feel like what is going on with my life, and reworking old daily routines

The first old assignment that I decided to revamp was the map that depicted my daily routine. My routine, once action packed and busy, is now very minimal. Just myself going between home and the UC, looking for food. In red I have my new schedule and my new route. As you can see there is not much that i’m doing nowadays.

The next assignment I wanted to rework was anm assignment where I photoshopped myself hosting the American Flag at Iwo Jima. This was a cool assignment because it actually looked like I was there. I felt like I should redo that assignment and do it with a historical event that is similar to something that is going on now. The influenza of 1917, AKA the spanish flu was the last big epidemic in the United States. I decided to photoshop myself at one of the hospitals

This was a cool way to go back and look at old assignments and tweak them to what I would want them to look like now. While most of these are virus inspired, I feel like this will be a big part of when people talk about the 2020’s.

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