Weekly Summary

This was such a crazy week. It was tough with school but also with adjusting to everything. Moving to learning everything through facetime has been tricky but I have been able to prevail. This week in this class was a good one. The connected daily creates added a bit more spice to it. I had to think through more on what I was doing and be thoughtful about posts. For an example, I would be about to post something but then I would realize that it did not connect to what I had previously done.

Listening to the radio stations was also really cool. I loved hearing how other groups approached the same project. Everyone was so creative it blew my mind. It was also cool that it was broadcasting like a regular radio station.

Reworking the old assignments was also so cool. It was nice looking through all my old ones and seeing how I would have approached them differently if I were to complete them now. I liked improving on things that I could have done better from the beginning. I also liked adding a current twist to the assignments I revamped.

Overall, this was a hectic week, school and no school , but it was nice having this class as something of a constant.

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